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Karl Fong
Executive Pastry Chef

An artist his entire life, Karl still recalls much of his childhood being filled with sketching and sculpting - not to mention spending too much of his allowance on art supplies! As he explored with various mediums, he found his passion for bringing ideas to life in the pastry kitchen. 


During his time in various kitchens, Chef Karl collaborated with several mentors whom he credits for enlightening him about seasonality, technique, flavor, and the art of pastry showpieces.


Where Did it All Start?

While training at the California Culinary Academy, Karl externed at Masse's Pastries in Berkeley, working under Chef Paul Masse, who became one of his main influences in artistry and textures. After graduation, Karl decided to expand his culinary vocabulary and refine his palate by taking an apprenticeship at Pastisseria Marti, Barcelona where he honed his talent for both classic and modern Spanish pastries.​


Upon his return to the Bay Area in 2004, Chef Karl was immediately recruited as executive pastry chef at B44: Catalan Bistro, where he designed and executed the seasonal dessert menu. In 2005, Chef Karl added Les Amis, a Michelin Guide 3 fork restaurant, to his accolade. His responsibilities in running two busy pastry kitchens allowed him ample opportunities to exercise creativity in designing innovative desserts with modern flavors.


Chef Karl was honored as a featured chef in APIAHF Food for Thought for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. Later on, in 2019, he competed with 7 other contestants in Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship and was crowned the Season 5 winner! Most recently, Karl and his team won The Big Bake: Under the Sea and earning him his second Food Network victory!


Chef John Allen ~ California Culinary Academy

Chef Paul Masse ~ Masse's Pastries

Chef Ezequiel Marti ~ Pastisseria Marti

Chef Daniel Olivella ~ B44: Catalan Bistro

Chef Thomas Weibull ~ Les Amis

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